20+ AI Startups

20+ #AI Startups - Butler Analytics

  • AiCure uses artificial intelligence (AI) on mobile devices to confirm medication ingestion in clinical trials and high-risk populations.
  • StatMuse employs AI for its graphic search engine for sports stats.
  • Inbenta uses AI to allow customers to find their own answers on a web site.
  • CustomerMatrix – using AI to enhance customer interactions.
  • Scaled Inference – offering machine learning as a service, using AI to guide users through the process.

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@RickKing16: “20+ #AI Startups – Butler Analytics”

AI is primarily concerned with the creation of intelligent agents that use technologies such as machine learning, optimization, language processing, logic and search to automate otherwise manual tasks. Most of the AI startups here are pitching at business use (usually sales and marketing), but a few are also developing consumer products (e.g. Anki). Applications in healthcare are also becoming common.

20+ AI Startups