How artificial intelligence could design your next car

How #ArtificialIntelligence could design your next car #AI #machinelearning #ML #tech

  • Artificial intelligence is set to take a key role in the design and engineering of new cars, dreaming up lighter, stronger and more complex structures than humans can envision.
  • Hack Rod, a team of designers, engineers, geeks, Hollywood insiders and stunt drivers is working on a way to harness the power of artificial intelligence in tandem with powerful design software produced by Autodesk.
  • Mike Geyer, Autodesk’s director of evangelism and emerging technology, says the generative design software uses cloud computing systems to create the best geometric shapes for any given project.
  • The next Hack Rod will more closely follow the computer’s ideal design by using 3D printing to realise Dreamcatcher’s vision for a lightweight sports car chassis.
  • Geyer says the team will then cloak it in carbon-fibre bodywork impregnated with electronic sensors that collect complex data surrounding the vehicle’s performance, which will then be fed back into the computer’s design process.

Meet the sports car imagined by computers.
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