Artificial Intelligence

#AI can help move energy towards total efficiency. #AI4Good

  • Transform the relationship between people and machines

    AI will improve how we live and work as individuals and a society.

  • People will be able to spend more time on creative work: focusing on the 20% of non-routine tasks that drive 80% of value creation.
  • Reimagine business models

    AI technologies will reinvent end-to-end processes, removing not only time and distance factors but also human limitations.

  • This “intelligent automation of process change” will empower processes to improve themselves.
  • Unlock the trapped value of data

    Advanced and integrated analytics will continually run on an organization’s large data sets.

See how Accenture can help organizations leverage artificial intelligence technologies to unlock business value and create a future of growth.

@Accenture: #AI can help move energy towards total efficiency. #AI4Good

Accenture sees artificial Intelligence as nothing short of a catalyst poised to kick-start a sluggish global economy. Our research shows that by 2035, AI could double annual growth rates in 12 developed countries by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine.

Artificial Intelligence