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An #AI-Run Hedge Fund Has Created a #Cryptocurrency for its Human Data Scientists

In 2013, the FBI shut down privacy-focused email service TorMail, and searched its server’s contents. It turns out, the DEA wanted some access too. Law enforcement agents, for better or worse, will use whatever data they can get their hands on. In 2013, the FBI shut down TorMail, a privacy-focused email service hosted on the so-called […]

@NewsBud_: An #AI-Run Hedge Fund Has Created a #Cryptocurrency for its Human Data Scientists

I completely believe that Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians before the election and the campaign may well have intrigued with Vladimir Putin with respect to Wikileaks and that helped defeat Hillary Clinton. I believe that because that’s how the world works; because a lot of very smart people in the liberal establishment […]

Universities are the cradle of free speech, where ideologies and ideas clash, where academics and activists can agree, disagree, or be disagreeable. This is particularly true in the United States, where the First Amendment zealously guards against government surveillance and intrusion into free speech. Yet at hundreds of campuses across the country, administrators encourage students […]

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