Cozmo By ANKI

- #Cozmo By #ANKI – #Artificially #Intelligent toy #robot thats on a whole new level #AI

  • Unlike any other this piece of tech awesomeness is enjoyable for kids everywhere
  • studios | July 17, 2016, 5:58 am | Posted in A.I. and tagged AI , ANKI , Artificial Intelligence , Cosmo , DataVisualization , Inferencing , IntelligentAgents , itstudios , NeuralNetworks , Robotics , Tech .
  • The doors have swung open as google reveals its source library .
  • Always on the prowl Cosmo is a play mobile constantly reacting and gaining insight on how to match up against its next challenge.
  • Do The Impossible – Travel Across The Galaxy

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@itstudiosmag: “- #Cozmo By #ANKI – #Artificially #Intelligent toy #robot thats on a whole new level #AI”

The toy robot thats on a whole new level. Thinking, learning and understanding the environment around it. The very first self-aware toy truck.

Cozmo By ANKI