[1604.03539] Cross-stitch Networks for Multi-task Learning

Cross-stitch networks for multi-task learning  #deeplearning #computervision #CVPR2016

  • A network with cross-stitch units can learn an optimal combination of shared and task-specific representations.
  • We propose a new sharing unit: “cross-stitch” unit.
  • The units combine the activations from multiple networks and can be trained end-to-end.
  • In the paper, we propose a principled approach to learn shared representations in ConvNets using multi-task learning.
  • Abstract: Multi-task learning in Convolutional Networks has displayed remarkable success in the field of recognition.

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@quantombone: “Cross-stitch networks for multi-task learning #deeplearning #computervision #CVPR2016”

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[1604.03539] Cross-stitch Networks for Multi-task Learning