Deep Learning from 30,000 feet

#DeepLearning from 30,000 feet  #MachineLearning #DataScience

  • If you fly in April on Delta, be sure to check Delta Sky Magazine for an article on Deep Learning!
  • It was partly inspired by the way the brain works – some of the Deep Learning pioneers like Geoff Hinton have studied and sought to emulate brain processes.
  • Just like the airplane flight was inspired by birds, but flies very differently, so Deep Learning works quite differently from the brain.

Read the full article, click here.

@MikeTamir: “#DeepLearning from 30,000 feet #MachineLearning #DataScience”

My very-high level overview of Deep Learning for Delta Sky Magazine, including neurons, a conspiracy, games, amazing feats of superhuman ability, and more – appropriate for reading at 30,000 feet.

Deep Learning from 30,000 feet