Demystifying artificial intelligence

Demystifying artificial intelligence  #AI #analytics #data

  • you could say that the computer isn’t programmed to print the number 168 in the sense that the code did not say
  • But the computer was programmed to print the number 168.
  • Any talk of computers doing things they weren’t programmed to do is only a way of speaking.
  • Artificial intelligence is more interesting because it increases the degree of indirection, but it’s still software instructing a computer to take in data and apply algorithms.
  • I was at a presentation once where software vendors were claiming that their software “discovered” the equation of motion for a pendulum.

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@EasyAnalytics1: “Demystifying artificial intelligence #AI #analytics #data”

Computers do what they’re programmed to do. They can be most useful when we program them indirectly.

Demystifying artificial intelligence