Drones: Skynet or Safe Bet?

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  • The term means that AI will actually look to work alongside humans, rather than to replace them, and it is that the drones could be most useful.
  • DJI estimate that their drones make up 70% of the total market share worldwide, and retail their drones at $1,399, a bargain considering the sophistication of the technology.
  • First of all, it is highly unlikely that the drones that are to be used in industry will be piloted by just anyone – especially with health and safety being what it is today.

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@BigCloudTeam: “Check out Kit’s latest article: ‘Drones: Skynet or Safe Bet?’ #AI #Drones #MachineLearning”

Last week, PwC announced that they were testing the use of drones in a wide array of industries, from construction to insurance. They were testing the drone technology in Poland, because it is one of

Drones: Skynet or Safe Bet?