Five IoT Trends To Consider In 2017

Five #IoT Trends To Consider In 2017 by @YEC on @forbes  #BigData #machinelearning

  • While there seems to be more buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning, many tech experts are still tinkering away with the various IoT applications, creating smart offices and homes that have networked climate controls, appliances and utilities to improve energy consumption and security.
  • Certain types of IoT products have gained momentum in the market, including home thermostats, door locks controlled from smartphones and smart refrigerators.
  • Thermostats and home appliances seem to be doing well as IoT applications, because the companies’ target audiences understand the value these products add.
  • Until then, separate emerging IoT solutions for things like smart cities and connected cars will be popular this year.
  • Alongside the vertical development of IoT solutions for various industries, marketplaces may also build momentum toward greater adoption this year.

With so many organizations and startups working on various applications for IoT, 2017 may be a turning point in the adoption of this technology as more consumers and businesses see the benefits of networking various tasks and aspects of their lives.

@evankirstel: Five #IoT Trends To Consider In 2017 by @YEC on @forbes #BigData #machinelearning

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Five IoT Trends To Consider In 2017