#293: AI & the Future of Interactive Drama

.@mark_riedl Woah! This is an EPIC paper on #AI & storytelling. I interviewed Façade's Stern

  • I had a chance to catch up with Andrew and Larry to learn more about using AI to create plausible characters, IMMERSE, as well as their new company called Playabl where they’re continuing to develop their Unity AI toolkit for creating fully interactive dramas.
  • When I saw a demo of IMMERSE at the Portland Virtual Reality Meetup, I felt like I was seeing the future of what’s possible in creating plausible NPC characters.
  • And in terms of natural language input, Façade was a pioneer of allowing you to say anything at anytime and have the story adapt and respond to your character.
  • Creating plausibility within a VR experience means that you have to create an environment that feels coherent, and believable.
  • For anyone interested in learning more about how to architect and create a interactive drama with both local and global agency, then I’d highly suggest spending $5 to buy the “Behind the Façade” Guide, which is an amazing document that talks about the architecture of a highly dynamic story that makes the user feel like they’re an active participant in creating it.

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@kentbye: “.@mark_riedl Woah! This is an EPIC paper on #AI & storytelling. I interviewed Façade’s Stern”

Andrew Stern doesn’t enjoy most AAA video games because he wants to be able to say anything at any moment within a social simulation and participate in an interesting story. About once week, he’d like to engage with a high agency, interactive drama with artificially intelligent NPCs. Rather than long and extended play sessions, he’d prefer a short 20-30 minute experience that he can play over and over again trying different strategies with characters who feel real and plausible.

#293: AI & the Future of Interactive Drama