Named Entity Recognition

NER tool to extract key entities from huge text #nlp #datamining #bigdata #AI 
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  • Discover entities in your text content
  • On large as well as small text pieces containing entities that have some signifant importance.
  • ParallelDots’ named-entity recognition can identify individuals, companies, places, organization, cities and other typed entities from your text or web-based content.
  • Our data set is trained by unsupervised learning which is reinforced by manual tagging making our classifier one of the most accurate and well engineered method of extracting named entities form the text content.
  • Named-entity recognition seeks to locate and classify elements in text into definitive categories such as names of persons, organizations, locations etc.

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@ParallelDots: “NER tool to extract key entities from huge text #nlp #datamining #bigdata #AI
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Extract entities using named entity recognition tool. We do Named Entity Recognition such as entity name from articles, blogs and forums through text extractor.

Named Entity Recognition