AI isn’t just learning to play video games, it’s helping us build them

AI isn't just learning to play video games, it's helping us build them

  • The creators of Unity, the most popular game engine in the world, recently launched a set of machine-learning tools that lay the groundwork for actual AI (not scripted computer opponents) in video games.
  • Typically these kits include rendering aids and simple tools for training neural networks, but the beta release sent to developers promises to revolutionize video games, and provides machine-learning researchers with a perfect environment for training robot brains.
  • Unity provides developers with the tools to create machine-learning agents capable of learning and interacting with each other in a virtual world, which makes it possible to create games inhabited by AI that actually learns, instead of forcing developers into painstakingly scripting behavior by hand.
  • Video game developers have been using the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) since the 1950s to describe a computer opponent designed to challenge humans.
  • This use of the term has no relation to machine-learning; the AI in a video game doesn’t learn anything, it simply executes algorithms.

Unity developers recently got an AI upgrade in the form of machine-learning tools that provide game and AI programmers with next generation capabilities.
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Amazon’s AI division is a revolving door of talent for Microsoft and Google

Amazon’s AI division is a revolving door of talent for Microsoft and Google

  • Last month Amazon was looking everywhere to fill its open AI positions, and today there are 140 job openings on its AI hiring site alone.
  • According to career site Paysa, this is par for the course for Amazon, who has been trying to grab as much AI talent as it can while simultaneously losing about the same number of employees to the companies it’s poaching from.
  • The Redmond company lost 123 AI devs to Amazon while gaining 124.
  • AI programmers looking for a job at Google or Microsoft should start by getting hired at Amazon.
  • Where Amazon Finds, and Loses, AI Talent on The Information

Amazon has been swapping AI developers with Microsoft and Google for the past five years, with Google coming out on top, as far as numbers go.
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Intelligent Choices

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#AI will only get more powerful. Will we be ready for it?

  • The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) raises not only technical questions but also ethical and philosophical ones.
  • With more-powerful tech such as nuclear weapons, synthetic biology, or superhuman AI in particular, we don’t want to learn from mistakes.
  • If today’s fairly low-tech smartphones can persuade their owners to stare at them for a large fraction of the day, a superhuman AI could really hack our human reward system.
  • There are many tough open questions that we still need to answer if we’re going to reap the benefits of AI while avoiding problems.
  • I’m cautiously optimistic that we can create an awesome future with AI if we win this race between the growing power of the technology and the growing wisdom with which we manage it.

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Blockchain technology helps verify where diamonds are mined

Blockchain technology and #AI join forces to keep diamonds out of the rough. See how:  💎

  • Leanne Kemp, founder and CEO of  Everledger, saw an opportunity to use blockchain technology to verify the origin of rough-cut diamonds, and open up the market to potential investors.
  • “With any supply chain intensive business, including the diamond industry, there are huge data sets being created.
  • The journey of food, from farm to fork – – Applying a similar tracking approach, using the distributed public blockchain network Ethereum, the company Ambrosus aims to verify the quality, safety and origin of food from farm to table.
  • This is done through a combination of Amber, the world’s first bonded token that follows food products alongside supply chains, the recording of sensor data using Ethereum blockchain, and decentralized storage solutions.
  • In addition to tracking the origin of food, our sensors will record storage conditions, such as temperature, continuously on the Ambrosus token.”

Blockchain technology is used to track diamonds and the food supply.
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AI & Customer Experience: The Rise of the Intelligent Interaction

#AI & Customer Experience: The Rise of the Intelligent Interaction

  • AI lets you make full use of customer data for the first time.
  • It uses data captured from both known and anonymous customers to create models of shopper activity in real time.
  • Another of our customers, a hotel provider, is using AI in a similar way.
  • AI depends on high-quality, accurate customer data.
  • This app connects customers to local retailers and rewards them with loyalty points every time they buy a Coca-Cola product.

AI is no longer just a novelty; it’s generating insights that guide decision-making and most importantly of all, helping businesses get closer to their customers.
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