Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps

Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps  via @TheEconomist #Quantumcomputing #AI

  • Today’s computer chips get cheaper and faster as their features get smaller, but quantum mechanics says that at tiny enough scales, particles sail through solids, short-circuiting the chip’s innards.
  • Rather than scale devices down, quantum technologies employ the unusual behaviours of single atoms and particles and scale them up.
  • Even as high-security quantum networks are being developed, a countervailing worry is that quantum computers will eventually render obsolete today’s cryptographic techniques, which are based on hard mathematical problems.
  • Long before that happens, however, smaller quantum computers will make other contributions in industries from energy and logistics to drug design and finance.
  • Even simple quantum computers should be able to tackle classes of problems that choke conventional machines, such as optimising trading strategies or plucking promising drug candidates from scientific literature.

A BATHING cap that can watch individual neurons, allowing others to monitor the wearer’s mind. A sensor that can spot hidden nuclear submarines. A computer that can discover new drugs, revolutionise securities trading and design new materials.

@TamaraMcCleary: Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps via @TheEconomist #Quantumcomputing #AI

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Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps