How Amazon, Google, Microsoft, And IBM Sell AI As A Service

How Amazon, Google, Microsoft, And IBM Sell #AI As A Service  #SaaS #LeonardoLive

  • Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft have all discovered that the artificial intelligence they use to make their own products better can be turned into a service and sold to corporate customers as a value-added service on top of their booming cloud-computing businesses.
  • Once Google decided to get more serious about its cloud computing business and serving enterprise customers—Google Cloud storage officially launched in 2010—it has found more ways to take its AI investment and acumen and use it to serve others.
  • Both groups have worked on applying AI in healthcare, for example, which then allows Google Cloud to better serve businesses in that field.
  • Although most of the value in Google’s AI accrues to its own products and services, the company has stated that Google Cloud is one of its fastest-growing business units.
  • Amazon has a much more natural synergy between its AI efforts and how it can sell those initiatives to others via its industry-leading cloud computing service.

The tech giants with cloud computing businesses are using artificial intelligence offerings to distinguish themselves and win business.

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7 AI trends to watch in 2017

Seven Artificial Intelligence trends to watch in 2017 - #AI

  • A recent Forrester survey of business and technology professionals found that 58% of them are researching AI, but only 12% are using AI systems.
  • Concerns about AI stealing jobs are nothing new but we anticipate deeper, more nuanced conversations on what AI will mean economically.
  • Expect to hear (a little) less about malevolent AI taking over the world and more about the economic impacts of AI.
  • Most AI systems are black boxes -and immensely complex.
  • Watch highlights covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligence engineering, and more.

From tools, to research, to ethics, Ben Lorica looks at what’s in store for artificial intelligence in 2017.
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