4 challenges Artificial Intelligence must address

4 challenges Artificial Intelligence must address  #AI

  • Huge leaps in AI have accelerated this process dramatically and propagated it to other domains previously imagined to remain indefinitely in the monopoly of human intelligence

    From driving trucks to writing news and performing accounting tasks, AI algorithms are threatening middle class jobs like never before.

  • It’s also true that the AI revolution will create plenty of new data science, machine learning, engineering and IT job positions to develop and maintain the systems and software that will be running those AI algorithms.
  • Teaching new tech skills to people who are losing or might lose their jobs to AI in the future can complement the efforts.
  • Machine Learning, the popular branch of AI that is behind face recognition algorithms, product suggestions, advertising engines, and much more, depends on data to train and hone its algorithms.
  • Unless companies developing and using AI technology regulate their information collection and sharing practices and take necessary steps to anonymize and protect user data, they’ll end up causing harm than good to users.

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