Alphabet chair praises Canada’s AI innovations at Google’s Go North

If there’s any country that’s at the forefront of #AI innovation, it’s Canada. #GoNorth »

  • The head of Google’s parent company contrasted divisive U.S. politics against Canada’s innovation and immigration-friendly policies Thursday, adding his company owes this country a favour – one the Prime Minister said he’d be sure to call in.
  • Google is among the backers of the Vector Institute, a Toronto-based artificial intelligence research lab which is part of Ottawa’s strategy to drive innovation in Canada.
  • The U.S., Canada and Mexico have been in prolonged negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement, a deal Schmidt said has been “enormously successful.”
  • Schmidt added that he was worried about the impact that U.S. identity politics under Donald Trump – in contrast to Canada’s focus on inclusivity and diversity – would have on the countries’ dealings.
  • Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Schmidt noted that the U.S. is “critically dependent” on supply chains from Canada, “including the back and forth that we have in the tech industry.”

Alphabet Inc. chairman Eric Schmidt said during an onstage chat with Justin Trudeau in Toronto that his company is ‘enormously thankful to Canadians’ for the country’s artificial intelligence innovations
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