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Setting up your #VisualStudio Code Tools for #AI


  • It seamlessly integrates with Azure Machine Learning for robust experimentation capabilities, including but not limited to submitting data preparation and model training jobs transparently to different compute targets.This is actually a useful tool for developers who needs to work on a AI Solution, while still using the code editor of…
  • “Number of seats” is basically the total number of Azure users you can add to your Experimentation account.A subscription can have only one plan with a “DevTest” pricing tier.Currently supported location is Australia East, East US 2, and West Central US.Install Azure Machine Learning WorkbenchOnce we have our Azure Machine…
  • It allows you to manage machine learning solutions through the entire data science life cycle.Currently the Azure Machine Learning Workbench desktop app can be installed on the following operating systems only:Windows 10Windows Server 2016macOS Sierra (macOS High Sierra is not supported yet)Note: Azure Machine Learning Workbench will also download and…
  • $ brew install openssl$ mkdir -p /usr/local/lib$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/Install and explore project samples in Visual Studio Code Tools for AINow that we have our Azure Machine Learning accounts and Azure Machine Learning Workbench setup, we’re now ready to use Visual Studio Code Tools for AIDownload the Visual…
  • To fix this, just restart the VS Code and you should be able to see the command again.Create a new project in Azure Machine Learning Sample ExplorerWe’ll now then try to create a simple project using sample explorer and test it in our local machine.Click “install” to the Simple Linear Regression…

Microsoft just launched a new set of tools related to Artificial Intelligence last September at Microsoft Ignite 2017, and one of those tools is Visual Studio Code Tools for AI. This is actually a…
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Advancing our ambition to democratize artificial intelligence

Microsoft + OpenAI partner to bring AI to everyone

  • The week at Microsoft Ignite, we showed how we are infusing artificial intelligence (AI) broadly Read more >
  • On Wednesday, Microsoft shared its aspiration to empower a new Read more >
  • With the new service, developers can accelerate the development of bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework and easily deploy and manage them in a serverless environment on Azure.
  • Microsoft has released an updated version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Read more >
  • Newly updated Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit can help speed advances in deep learning Photo of Frank Seide standing at the top of a stairway at Microsoft

Harry Shum, Microsoft AI and Research Group executive vice president, and Sam Altman, co-chair of OpenAI. (Photo by Brian Smale)
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Learn Data Science

Learn Data Science by @ajsondev cc @CsharpCorner  #DataScience #BigData #MachineLearning

  • Data science is not rocket science, and like rocket science, while it may seem amazing when we see the end results, getting to the end result takes a lot of hard work.
  • Sure, I will be the first to admit that Data Science and Machine Learning can be hard, but guess what, that’s only a small part of the domain.
  • If you are considering some aspects of Data Science as a career progression, you may find it interesting to know that Microsoft have now launched a professional degree program for Data Science – read more about it .
  • When a lot of us think about Data Science and Machine Learning, we might shy away and think – ‘that’s only for the clever boffins’ … ‘
  • Data Science is not about chasing unicorns , its about identifying what skills you have, what ones you need, and bring it all together.

It’s easier than you think…
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Machine Learning Moves the Needle on Neural Science

Find out which data scientists won the first Decoding Brain Signals competition

  • Data Scientists Decode Human Perceptions from Brain Signals
  • When we can read and decode brain signals, we can help treat, heal, and retrain a brain after injury.”
  • Being able to decode human perceptions from brain signals can benefit this population greatly.
  • To learn more about upcoming competitions, click on this link or the image below: Cortana Intelligence Competitions .
  • Machine Learning Moves the Needle on Neural Science

Millions of people suffer from brain-related injuries and disorders every year. Being able to decode human perceptions from brain signals can benefit this population greatly. That’s what inspired Stanford University neurosurgeon Dr. Kai Miller to team up with Microsoft to offer the inaugural Cortana Intelligence Competition: Decoding Brain Signals. 

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Hands-on #machinelearning labs on @github? Oh, yeah, we got that!

  • Evaluate a Binary classification model
  • Consume the ML Web Service in a C# application
  • Comparing two binary classification model
  • Publishing a trained model as Web Service
  • Lab4 – Develop and Consume AzureML Models

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@MicrosoftR: “Hands-on #machinelearning labs on @github? Oh, yeah, we got that!”

hol-azure-machine-learning – Introduction to Machine Learning and Azure Machine Learning Services. Hands on labs to show Azure Machine Learning features, developing experiments, feature engineering, R and Python Scripting, Production stage, publishing models as web service, RRS and BES usage