A Designer’s Guide To The $15 Billion Artificial Intelligence Industry

A designer's guide to the $15 billion artificial intelligence industry  (from 2016)

  • The best designers know that they need to study human behavior if they want to make the right choices for their users.
  • It allows designers to cater to, and anticipate, individual users’ needs.
  • With AI, products and services aren’t just performing basic functions; they’re emotionally aware, letting designers create the best experience for each user.
  • Psychology: The way an AI system communicates with users at 2 p.m. should be different from the way it talks to them at 2 a.m., taking into account the unusually late time and understanding that the users are likely frustrated because they can’t sleep, playful because they’ve been drinking, or panicked because there’s been an emergency.
  • Designers have to understand the many ways users might react in different scenarios and how they will express their intention depending on factors like their mood, location, and what they ate that day.

As artificial intelligence gains ground, designers will need to adapt. Here’s how to get started.

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