Five Examples of AI Dominating Humans in the World of Gaming

Five Examples of #AI Dominating Humans in the World of Gaming

  • Artificial intelligences have recently bested the world’s top Go and poker players, but those aren’t the first machines to dominate humans in the world of gaming, with systems claiming victories as many as 20 years ago.
  • In fact, the first time a computer beat a human world champion was around 20 years before.
  • On to a more recent and multifaceted victory: AlphaGo defeating five of the world’s top players — not one at a time, but simultaneously — at the 2,500-year-old game of Go earlier this year.
  • The game incorporates bluffing and spontaneity, two traits that seem far more suited for a human player than an AI, and yet the system built by two Carnegie Mellon computer scientists was still able to claim a victory.
  • Chinook beat the world’s second best player, Don Lafferty, who was still leagues below Tinsley, and so the AI was awarded the win.

Even world champions couldn’t beat these game-playing AIs.
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Demis Hassabis: The World’s 100 Most Influential People

How Demis Hassabis is revolutionizing artificial intelligence #TIME100

  • At least a decade ahead of expectations, Demis Hassabis and his team at DeepMind created AlphaGo, a software program that defeated Lee Sedol, one of the world’s best players, at the complex game of Go.
  • Demis is one of the leading scientists creating AI breakthroughs, with three Nature papers in the past two years.
  • Of equal importance, however, Demis is deeply committed to keeping AI safe.
  • Demis has been a leader in establishing ethical guidelines to keep AI accountable.
  • If we achieve this vision, it’s likely Demis will have played a large part.

Inventor of intelligence
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