3 guiding principles for ethical AI, from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

.@IBM 's CEO Ginni Rometty sums up the principles for ethical #AI into three words

  • For IBM, the purpose of AI will be to aid humans, not replace them. “
  • Google uses DeepMind AI to reduce energy use at data centers and save money (TechRepublic)
  • We say cognitive, not AI, because we are augmenting intelligence,” Rometty said. “
  • Microsoft’s new breakthrough: AI that’s as good as humans at listening…
  • You must be clear as you build AI platforms how they are trained, and what data was used in training. “

At the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty laid out three principles to guide technologists for responsible AI use as cognitive abilities continue to develop.
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A Designer’s Guide To The $15 Billion Artificial Intelligence Industry

A designer's guide to the $15 billion artificial intelligence industry

  • Sociology: Designers will need to consider when and if AI systems should be considered a part of society.
  • The best designers know that they need to study human behavior if they want to make the right choices for their users.
  • First a word on why designers should embrace artificial intelligence in the first place.
  • AI has the potential to fundamentally change how society functions .
  • With AI, products and services arent just performing basic functions; theyre emotionally aware, letting designers create the best experience for each user.

As artificial intelligence gains ground, designers will need to adapt. Here’s how to get started.
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ecosystem/marathon at master · tensorflow/ecosystem · GitHub

Run @tensorflow on @ApacheMesos with @dcos!

  • The section covers instructions on how to write your training program and build your docker image.
  • Write your own Docker file which simply copies your training program into the image and optionally specify an entrypoint.
  • Write your own training program.
  • An example is located in docker/Dockerfile or docker/Dockerfile.hdfs if you need the HDFS support.
  • The Marathon config is generated from a Jinja template where you need to customize your own cluster configuration in the file header.

ecosystem – Integration of TensorFlow with other open-source frameworks
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Microsoft Ventures out to Democratize AI

Microsoft Ventures out to Democratize AI  #AI #Microsoft

  • Launched in early 2016, Element AI enables organizations to develop their own AI solutions by implementing an “AI-First” strategy.
  • “Microsoft is committed to democratizing AI with guiding principles to drive positive impact.
  • Element AI, a Canada-based AI incubator, was the first recipient of funding from this new fund.
  • Element AI shares our approach and philosophy.”
  • “We all know ‘You’re only as good as your tools’ and now Element AI is getting supercharged with Microsoft Ventures,” says Jean-François Gagné, CEO, Element AI. “

Microsoft is taking big steps to make its mark in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector.
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Delivering Smarter Patient Care Decisions With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Improved Patient Care #DigitalHealth

  • You probably found the page because one of our subscribers used MailChimp to send you an email campaign, and you traced a link in the email back to investigate.
  • We send more than 1 billion emails every day, and we help our customers comply with spam laws and best practices so they can get their campaigns into their subscribers’ inboxes.
  • MailChimp is an email-marketing service that serves more than 14 million companies of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world.
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In this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW!, Health Transformer and CEO of MDOps Avinash Kodey shares how he is applying AI technology to deliver smarter patient care decisions without compromising efficiency.
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The identity of the people on Google’s artificial intelligence ethics board is still a mystery

The identy of everyone on Google’s artificial intelligence ethics board is still a mystery

  • The board was quietly created in 2014 when Google acquired the London artificial intelligence lab.
  • When pressed on the composition of Google’s AI ethics board, Suleyman said: “We’ve always said that it’s going to be very much focused on full general purpose learning systems and I think that’s very, very, far away.
  • Media and academics have called on DeepMind and Google to reveal who sits on Google’s AI ethics board so the debate about where the technology they’re developing can be carried out in the open, but so far Google and DeepMind’s cofounders have refused.
  • Last year, Suleyman said he wanted to publish the names of the people who sit on the board. “
  • The ethics board is ongoing and it’s something that we have internally to oversee some of our efforts.

Mustafa Suleyman has previously said he wants to disclose who sits on the search giants AI ethics board.
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