Fortune 500 CEOs on Donald Trump, the Economy, and AI

Fortune 500 CEOs 
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  • The chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are optimistic about the global economy, bullish on employment, big on prospects for the U.S., and braced for a torrent of technological change.
  • Fortune 500 CEOs are optimistic about the future… Only a few chief executives see the global economy turning worse next year.
  • The U.S. is the overwhelming choice of CEOs for having the best investment opportunities in the next two years; China and Europe lag far behind.
  • Nicolas Rapp They’re embracing tech… Ever more Fortune 500 companies have come to recognize that whatever their original business, they all need technological expertise now.
  • Nicolas Rapp A version of this article appears in the June 15, 2017 issue of Fortune with the headline “CEO Soothsayers.”

We recently asked Fortune 500 CEOs what they really think about topics including Donald Trump, the economy, and AI.
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Ideas for life

How can we use #AI to change the world? Read Vinod Kumar's new blog from #CEOSummit 2016:

  • The team realised that with the use of intelligent systems the world could operate an entire economy underpinned by the value of water.
  • “Water for life” chose to address the worldwide shortage of water and believed that AI held some of the answers.
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  • So the Water for Life team conceived of a system where people, businesses and governments were awarded credits for the good husbanding of water while those who wasted it received debits.
  • Vinod Kumar is Managing Director of Tata Communications Limited and CEO of Tata Communications Limited Group, part of the $96.79 billion Tata Group.

Last month’s CEO Summit in Ascot concluded with the CEO Hackathon.  This came after an intensive 24 hours in which approx. 50 CEOs were informed about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and debated what must be done to ensure AI has a positive impact on business and society.
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