Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud and Virtualization | @CloudExpo @SHD_9 #PaaS #SaaS #AI #SDN #SDS  #tech

  • The virtualization cost savings were increasingly taken for granted and the operational benefits drove the spread of virtualization.
  • Cloud computing software is eating the world, and each day is bringing new developments in this world.
  • Virtualization was the seed that sparked the cloud revolution, although cloud has now taken its concepts significantly further.
  • General Session | Trends, Challenges, and Solutions to Protect the Cloud
  • The cloud, just like virtualization before it, first gained popularity because of the most basic business driver there is: cost savings.

As today’s businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to run their operations, seasoned enterprise technology professionals may recognize a familiar pattern. Years ago, virtualization emerged as a transformational technology with a similar pattern of business drivers; initially the promise of significant cost savings justified deployments. Just as virtualization evolved from a tactical cost-saving technology into a corporate strategy enabling enterprises to be responsive to changing business demands, cloud computing is following a similar path.
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Expanding and democratizing artificial intelligence, transforming businesses at Ignite — Weekend Reading: Sept. 30 edition

Expanding and democratizing #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning transforming businesses

  • Microsoft has released an updated version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Read more >
  • On Wednesday, Microsoft shared its aspiration to empower a new Read more >
  • Adobe and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to strengthen customer engagement with the help of Microsoft Azure, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • To see webcasts, photos and more news from Microsoft Ignite 2016 , go to the conference’s news site.
  • Newly updated Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit can help speed advances in deep learning Photo of Frank Seide standing at the top of a stairway at Microsoft

This week delivered plenty of powerful news from Microsoft, from game-changing announcements about artificial intelligence to new avenues for business transformation demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta. Here’s the highlights.
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Microsoft Is Using Artificial Intelligence to “Solve” Cancer

Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Could Cure Cancer


  • Microsoft is effectively using artificial intelligence to solve a very human problem.
  • How Microsoft Is Using Artificial Intelligence to “Solve” Cancer
  • One team is helping oncologists use natural language processing to sift through cancer research.
  • Microsoft attempted to teach a chatbot how to speak earlier this year by using language processing, for example, while Google’s DeepMind research group teaches its artificial intelligence to predict diseases using patient data.
  • The company announced Monday the efforts of its various research labs that are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other computer science to help doctors research, diagnose, track, and potentially cure various types of cancer.

Microsoft revealed this week that it’s using artificial intelligence to help doctors research, treat, and potentially even cure cancer.
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