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  • “Cognitive and cloud are not separate phenomena.
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Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud and Virtualization | @CloudExpo @SHD_9 #PaaS #SaaS #AI #SDN #SDS  #tech

  • The virtualization cost savings were increasingly taken for granted and the operational benefits drove the spread of virtualization.
  • Cloud computing software is eating the world, and each day is bringing new developments in this world.
  • Virtualization was the seed that sparked the cloud revolution, although cloud has now taken its concepts significantly further.
  • General Session | Trends, Challenges, and Solutions to Protect the Cloud
  • The cloud, just like virtualization before it, first gained popularity because of the most basic business driver there is: cost savings.

As today’s businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to run their operations, seasoned enterprise technology professionals may recognize a familiar pattern. Years ago, virtualization emerged as a transformational technology with a similar pattern of business drivers; initially the promise of significant cost savings justified deployments. Just as virtualization evolved from a tactical cost-saving technology into a corporate strategy enabling enterprises to be responsive to changing business demands, cloud computing is following a similar path.
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