AI Is So Hot, Even Freelancers Are in Demand — ADTmag

#AI Is So Hot, Even Freelancers Are in Demand -- ADTmag

  • One might not normally equate AI development — which can involve complicated, cutting-edge technologies such as cognitive computing, machine learning, deep learning and so on in long-term initiatives — as something suitable for freelance projects, but news from freelancing firm Upwork indicates that’s the case.
  • Upwork, which matches employers with freelancers, published data from its Web site that showed AI was the second-fastest-growing in-demand skill in the first quarter of the year.
  • But, among development-related skills, AI is No. 1, followed by skills such as natural language processing, C++ development, Swift development and others, with the AI-related machine learning skill also making the top 20 list.
  • “With artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of the conversation around what the future of work holds, it’s no surprise it is the fastest-growing tech skill and the second fastest-growing skill overall,” Upwork said in a statement last week.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, that pervasiveness didn’t show up in Upwork’s previous listing of in-demand skills for the third quarter of 2016, in which AI didn’t even place in the top 20 (though machine learning was No. 1):

Artificial intelligence is such a hot topic in software development that companies are even seeking freelancers to help out, making it the No 1. sought-after tech skill in Upwork’s latest quarterly report.
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3 guiding principles for ethical AI, from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

.@IBM 's CEO Ginni Rometty sums up the principles for ethical #AI into three words

  • For IBM, the purpose of AI will be to aid humans, not replace them. “
  • Google uses DeepMind AI to reduce energy use at data centers and save money (TechRepublic)
  • We say cognitive, not AI, because we are augmenting intelligence,” Rometty said. “
  • Microsoft’s new breakthrough: AI that’s as good as humans at listening…
  • You must be clear as you build AI platforms how they are trained, and what data was used in training. “

At the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty laid out three principles to guide technologists for responsible AI use as cognitive abilities continue to develop.
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CrowdChat: Deep learning and Apache Spark

Join @JamesKobielus Wednesday to chat about #SparkDeepLearning:

  • Join our CrowdChat about deep learning and Apache Spark to find out what’s going on in the world of Spark-and what’s coming up.
  • The CrowdChat, hosted by @IBMBigData , will bring together subject matter experts who will focus on the latest tech and trends in deep learning as well as their overlap with Apache Spark.
  • A CrowdChat simply organizes tweets into streams of conversation.
  • You’ll even be able to vote for your favorite comments so that they can be featured more prominently in the conversation.
  • If the event will be your first experience with CrowdChat, don’t worry.

In this CrowdChat, join 11 experts from inside and outside IBM as you take part in a group exploration of the issues and possibilities that arise at the conjunction of Apache Spark and deep learning.
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IBM Cognitive

How to decode #cognitive business: Learn from successful early adopters.  #AI

  • Consumer-facing businesses use cognitive tools to tease out key behavioral patterns to reach customers in the right ways and over the right channels.
  • By using cognitive tools to improve their search capabilities, customer care and workflow management, business leaders are accelerating productivity and efficiency.
  • Cognitive technology is helping defense and other intelligence organizations track an unprecedented variety of data to detect signals, protect the public, and direct intelligence resources more effectively.
  • Professional services firms and insurers are employing cognitive solutions to improve sampling and modeling, which is helping them improve client and risk outcomes.
  • Contact centers have turned to cognitive technology to provide more efficient and personalized customer service.

By becoming a cognitive business, early adopters have been able to evolve customer acquisition, increase customer engagement, and improve customer service.
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Artificial Intelligence Latest News & Updates: AI Technology Invading The Legal System? Non-Human Lawyers Aim To Help Litigation Process : News : Parent Herald

#AI Technology: Non-Human Lawyers To Help Litigation Process  #MachineLearning #DataScience

  • TAG artificial intelligence , Artificial Intelligence Legal System , ROSS Intelligence , IBM Watson , BakerHostetler Law Firm , Non-Human Lawyer
  • As artificial intelligence invades the legal system, some skeptics can’t help but wonder about AI’s impact on the legal market.
  • Well, global law firm BakerHostetler recently announced the employment of a non-human lawyer created by ROSS Intelligence.
  • The hottest technology of AI has invaded the legal system.
  • ROSS Intelligence cofounder and licensed attorney Andrew Arruda reportedly believes artificial intelligence is the future of the legal system.

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@MikeTamir: “#AI Technology: Non-Human Lawyers To Help Litigation Process #MachineLearning #DataScience”

After invading most if not all industries, artificial intelligence is now making its presence known in the legal realm through the world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer, ROSS.

Artificial Intelligence Latest News & Updates: AI Technology Invading The Legal System? Non-Human Lawyers Aim To Help Litigation Process : News : Parent Herald