The evolution of smart tech: What will our cities look like in 2025?

The evolution of smart tech: What will our cities look like in 2025?  #smartcities #AI #IoT

  • Many companies investing in smart city technologies are too focused on the consumer side of IoT (the “flashy side”) and are hindered by outdated, inefficient backend infrastructure forcing them to rethink their strategy.
  • Knowing that things will go wrong in the early years of smart cities and IoT technology adoption, it will take a select few to be the first movers, take the risk, and carve the path for others.
  • In order to reach the next phase of “smart cities,” companies involved in the on-demand ecosystem will need to optimize their own resources through a dynamic technology that enables more efficient and effective processes.
  • Despite what many might believe, we’ll likely see rural areas – not major cities – adopt smart technologies such as delivery drones and autonomous vehicles first.
  • Instead, rural areas not only provide open skies and sparse populations, but these communities actually stand to benefit the most by utilizing optimized smart technologies that provide efficient, low-cost and timely services.

Smart Cities
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Data science startups focus on AI-enabled efficiency

#DataScience #startups focus on #AI-enabled efficiency 
by @OReillyMedia @TheAIConf

  • In the ‘90s it was the Web, followed quickly by SaaS, mobility, clouds, data, and now AI.
  • Big data gave clouds something to do.
  • And AI is a set of algorithms that make sense of that big data, teasing threads of gold from the digital hay.
  • From a field of applicants, our panel winnowed the list down to 10 finalists, and then a combination of on-site judges and audience voting helped us pick the winners:

    These four companies underscore the unbroken link between on-demand computing, big data, and machine learning.

  • Full disclosure: Alistair Croll is a board member of Repable; he recused himself from the voting and selection process involving the company during the showcase.

Recapping winners of the Strata San Jose Startup Showcase.
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An Interview With David Kenny – The Innovator news

  • — D.K.:We are at the point in AI that we were with the Internet in 1993 and mobile around 2003.
  • So I would say, view AI as something in the fabric of your company like electricity — like data flowing through your company in fundamental ways.Is it a threat or an opportunity?
  • — D.K.: The digital and mobile disruptions largely favor distribution, so most of the real value is held by a handful of companies who have consolidated distribution.
  • To take advantage of AI we really encourage companies to maintain control of their data — their intellectual property — because the value is in using it to train the AI.Don’t feed it to (an outside) platform that will serve as a distribution chokehold.
  • Companies need to establish their data and knowledge strategy first — extending their own knowledge and not just turning it over to someone else.

David Kenny, IBM Watson’s Chief and a scheduled keynote speaker at Viva Technology recently spoke to The Innovator about what executives should do to prepare for AI. — D.K.: When you can predict…
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Fortune 500 CEOs on Donald Trump, the Economy, and AI

Fortune 500 CEOs 
#AI #machinelearning #ML #fintech #robotics #tech

  • The chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are optimistic about the global economy, bullish on employment, big on prospects for the U.S., and braced for a torrent of technological change.
  • Fortune 500 CEOs are optimistic about the future… Only a few chief executives see the global economy turning worse next year.
  • The U.S. is the overwhelming choice of CEOs for having the best investment opportunities in the next two years; China and Europe lag far behind.
  • Nicolas Rapp They’re embracing tech… Ever more Fortune 500 companies have come to recognize that whatever their original business, they all need technological expertise now.
  • Nicolas Rapp A version of this article appears in the June 15, 2017 issue of Fortune with the headline “CEO Soothsayers.”

We recently asked Fortune 500 CEOs what they really think about topics including Donald Trump, the economy, and AI.
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Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit Tickets, Thu, May 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit | #BigData #Artificialintelligence #RT

  • Join Tandem Innovation Alliance on Thursday, May 11th at WeWork in Tysons, VA for an evening devoted to understanding the impact of artificial intelligence and the future it holds for the government and startups.
  • We have invited investors, industry leaders and government officials as part of our ongoing event series focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • This evening we will focus on the areas where the government is investing in A.I. programs to modernize federal agencies and where startups can fit in.
  • Following the panel, Tandem will select companies that feature exciting new A.I. technologies to provide lightning pitches to offer insight into the next great innovations that could transform the industry.
  • Come hungry, food, drinks and plenty of networking opportunities with investors and government leaders will be provided.

Eventbrite – Tandem Innovation Alliance presents Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit – Thursday, May 11, 2017 at WeWork Tyson=, Tysons, VA. Find event and ticket information.
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AI technology essential to business, transformative to companies, says report

67% of IT departments are using #AI to detect #security breaches:

  • According to IT Pro Portal, a new study, “Getting Smarter by the Day: How AI is Elevating the Performance of Global Companies” from a global consulting group says that’s because AI technology is becoming entrenched into businesses worldwide.
  • In the study, Tata Consultancy Services said close to 85 percent of companies around the world view AI as an essential part of being competitive in the marketplace.
  • In addition, 50 percent of companies surveyed view AI technology as having a transformative effect on business.
  • “As companies begin to gain a better understanding of AI’s application for business, they will realize the significant impact of this transformative force,” said TCS CTO K. Ananth Krishnan.
  • “This is reflected in our Global Trend Study, which shows that forward-thinking companies are beginning to make major AI investments.”

Tata Consultancy Services says in a report that 85 percent of companies view AI technology as essential to their operations.
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ARM’s latest CPUs are ready for an AI-powered future

ARM's latest CPUs are ready for an AI-powered future

  • That could make for a 1+3 (quad-core) or 1+7 (octacore) layout, where each individual core has its own performance and power characteristics.
  • The claim it’s making is that this setup can improve responsiveness for AI, with a 50x boost in AI performance over the next 3-5 years, and 10x between the (still Cortex-A9) CPU and specialized “accelerator hardware.”

ARM processor technology already powers many of the devices you use every day, and now the company is showing off its plans for the future with DynamIQ. Aimed s…
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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing How We Shop Online

How #AI is changing the way we do our shopping online:

  • These deep learning algorithms have been used in the autonomous driving industry for quite some time, and only now is it beginning to branch out into other industries, such as online shopping.
  • One company that offers machine learning solutions for e-commerce businesses and others is Adobe Marketing Cloud as they recognize the need to make use of AI as early as possible.
  • Andrew Zhai is an engineer working on the visual search side of things at Pinterest, and he said, “For shopping specifically, improvements to online discovery means new ways to find products you’re interested in but may not have the words for.
  • Etsy is also keen to jump onboard with deep learning technology, and just last fall purchased Blackbird Technologies to integrate the firm image recognition and natural language processing into its search function.
  • Some of Adobe’s marketing tools also use deep learning techniques and are used to predict their customer’s shopping behaviors and patterns.

There’s no doubt about it that our future is one that involves artificial intelligence (AI) in a big way. While some companies are faster than others at
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