Release TensorFlow v0.12.0 RC0 · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub

#TensorFlow RC12 has embedding visualization built into Tensorboard.

  • Large cleanup to add second order gradient for ops with C++ gradients and improve existing gradients such that most ops can now be differentiated multiple times.
  • TensorFlow now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows (tested on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2016).
  • Improve trace, matrix_set_diag , matrix_diag_part and their gradients to work for rectangular matrices.
  • Added a new library for library of matrix-free (iterative) solvers for linear equations, linear least-squares, eigenvalues and singular values in tensorflow/contrib/solvers.
  • C API: Type TF_SessionWithGraph has been renamed to TF_Session , indicating its preferred use in language bindings for TensorFlow.

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