The legacy of Willow Garage…The “PARC” for robotics

First, change the world, then worry about returns
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  • The efficiency of software development was dramatically improved.
  • The largest robotics entrepreneur group in the Bay Area was born.
  • After the success, Hassan founded Willow Garage to realize the development of a personal robot – the big picture he had held in his mind for a long time.
  • By the way, Mirza Shah was also involved in the software development in Willow Garage before he started Simbe Robotics.
  • Hassan took about ten employees from Willow Garage and started to devote himself to the development of a mobile robot and the remote control system.

The robotic industries have been one of the hottest topics worldwide since there has been progressing from the traditional manufacturing applications to the non-manufacturing applications such as service industry. Like other industries, startups in US Bay Area cover the whole area of the San Francisco-Silicon Valley has led the innovation. You have heard Savioke developing a butler robot for the hotel industry, Fetch Robotics developing a picking and transport robot for logistics that is also well known as Softbank has invested, and Suitable Technologies which has created a telepresence market.
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Great, now Google’s AI is coming up with its own encryption methods

Great, now #google’s #ai is coming up with its own #encryption methods

  • Great, now Google’s AI is coming up with its own encryption methods
  • Google Pixel: full systemless root now achieved by Chainfire
  • So while the messages were a far cry from Skynet, they do prove that AIs can successfully invent an encryption method that they have developed themselves and that even other AIs can’t decrypt.
  • Google helps you vote, FIFA Mobile Soccer, Cr…
  • The encryption method the AIs developed cannot even be studied, as the machine learning simply spits out an answer rather than showing its working.

You read that right: artificially intelligent neural networks are now coming up with their own encryption techniques to send secret messages to one another. Two Google Brain researchers reported the successful construction of a human-independent, purely AI-created encryption that has already been used to keep other AIs – and their human interlocutors – from eavesdropping on the conversation.
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