Innovation endorsed by Orange: welcome to tomorrow’s world

#Djingo #Chatbot #Watson… #AI is already everywhere in our lives #Vivatech

  • Sharing our vision of the future, including advances in research and innovation.
  • Our goal is to make our innovations accessible to as many people as possible.
  • When technology starts with people and serves people, it makes progress.
  • We also want to promote innovative and responsible uses of digital technologies – prudent innovation – that improve everyday life for everyone.
  • Innovation and periods of rapid change have always raised questions.

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PwC: Five Global Shifts Reshaping the World

8 disruptive #tech:

1 #AI
2 #IoT
3 #blockchain
4 drones
5 robots
6 AR
7 VR
8 3D #CIO

  • Every business will be a digital business and there are essential technologies that will drive digital business transformation.
  • We are getting older by 30 years compared to 100 years ago.
  • We will be automating more of our life and expanding our personas in the digital economy.
  • Five global megatrends shaping the future
  • For more insights on the five global megatrends, I highly encourage you watch our video conversation and to follow Quindazzi on Twitter – he is a fantastic and prolific social thought leader.

According to PwC, there are five global shifts reshaping the world and their implications for organizations, industries and wider society will be signifi…
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