6 areas of AI and Machine Learning to watch closely

#ICYMI 6 areas of #AI and #MachineLearning to watch closely

  • Those who are able to train faster and deploy AI models that are computationally and energy efficient are at a significant advantage.
  • Some have rebranded AI as “cognitive computing” or “machine intelligence”, while others incorrectly interchange AI with “machine learning”.
  • If we want AI systems to solve tasks where training data is particularly challenging, costly, sensitive, or time-consuming to procure, it’s important to develop models that can learn optimal solutions from less examples (i.e. one or zero-shot learning).
  • Deep learning models are notable for requiring enormous amounts of training data to reach state-of-the-art performance.
  • Without large scale training data, deep learning models won’t converge on their optimal settings and won’t perform well on complex tasks such as speech recognition or machine translation.

Artificial Intelligence is a generic term and many fields of science overlaps when comes to make an AI application. Here is an explanation of AI and its 6 major areas to be focused, going forward.

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