This robot ‘ageing companion’ is like an Alexa for the elderly

This AI robot companion wants to keep old people company

  • Béhar says that while the robot can’t replace human interaction, it can offer a companion to elderly people living alone.
  • Tech startup Intuition Robotics unveiled an artificial intelligence-based robot companion that aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people on Wednesday.
  • AI Robot Companion Wants to Keep Old People Company
  • ElliQ is an “active aging companion” aimed at making elderly people feel less lonely.
  • “The idea of having a robot companion is quite dystopian, especially for older generations,” said Yves Béhar, CEO of Fuseproject-a design studio that collaborated with Intuition Robotics on the ElliQ.

The ElliQ is a voice-activated, AI-based companion for the elderly.
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Grandma, machine learning and the internet of things

Grandma, #AI, #machinelearning and #IoT  via @graphcoreai

  • Machine learning systems wouldn’t just make life easier for healthcare professionals or the elderly.
  • Having a machine learning system that would help elderly people lead healthy, independent lifestyles in a supportive and appropriate way could change their lives.
  • Machine learning systems would allow healthcare workers to use their time more efficiently, focusing on proactive and needs-based treatment.
  • A leader in this field of context aware machine learning systems is Sentiance who has built an advanced machine learning system that can be used to monitor health and activity in our normal lives.
  • Healthcare is a public good, and machine learning makes it possible to improve outcomes not just for our Grandmas, but for the aging population in general and the institutions, people and governments who support them.

What role does AI and machine learning have to play in a world with an ageing population? This article explores the issues.
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