Meet Nadia, the scarily ‘human’ chatbot who can read your emotions

Meet Nadia, the freakishly “human” chatbot who can read your emotions

  • The company, which has the eerie name of Soul Machines, has created a virtual chatbot that can not only portray human emotion, but also read human facial expressions.
  • Soul Machines call this the avatar’s ’emotional intelligence’ or EI, which allows bots like Nadia to connect with people on a more subtle emotional level.
  • The brain behind Nadia is Mark Sagar, professor at the University of Auckland and CEO of Soul Machines.
  • Nadia, who is voiced by none other than the amazingly talented Cate Blanchett, was developed for the Australian government to improve services for people with disabilities.
  • Nadia was created to fix all that and make a more human service available anytime and anywhere.

A new chatbot from Soul Machines is not only incredibly life-like but it can also read people’s emotions through tone and facial expressions.
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7 AI trends to watch in 2017

Seven Artificial Intelligence trends to watch in 2017 - #AI

  • A recent Forrester survey of business and technology professionals found that 58% of them are researching AI, but only 12% are using AI systems.
  • Concerns about AI stealing jobs are nothing new but we anticipate deeper, more nuanced conversations on what AI will mean economically.
  • Expect to hear (a little) less about malevolent AI taking over the world and more about the economic impacts of AI.
  • Most AI systems are black boxes -and immensely complex.
  • Watch highlights covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligence engineering, and more.

From tools, to research, to ethics, Ben Lorica looks at what’s in store for artificial intelligence in 2017.
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