Canada Is Investing $2 Billion in a Climate Disaster Mitigation Fund

Meanwhile, in Canada: New budget invests $2 billion in climate disaster mitigation fund

  • Now, the federal government has committed billions of dollars in new funding to make sure that future climate disasters aren’t so completely devastating.
  • Mitigation efforts take a significant amount of money, and last year an audit by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development stated that despite increased levels of funding for disaster recovery, Canada is still not prepared for the intensity of future climate disasters.
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    Beyond the climate disaster mitigation fund, Canada has committed to funding machine-learning research, helping out on one of NASA’s Mars missions, and paying for research into stem cell therapies.

  • The 2017 budget has added $150 million from the Public Transit and Green Infrastructure fund, to make a total of $950 million over five years.
  • Another new budget effort to attract more forward-looking companies is the Smart Cities Challenge Fund.

In its new federal budget, Canada invests in machine learning and teaching kids to code, but offers no real plan for how to address workplace automation.
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