How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Web Writing

How #ArtificialIntelligence is Changing Web Writing  #ai

  • In short, in the universe of pages existing in a (at the time almost) shapeless web, Page and Brin wanted to organize that information to make it become knowledge.
  • Out of the more than 200 factors that Google accounts for when deciding whether the content on the web is relevant, RankBrain became the third most relevant.
  • First, the semantic web is a set of rules and standards that make human language readable to machines.
  • In semantic web jargon an entity is a subject which has unambiguous meaning because it has a strong contextual foundation.
  • In other words, instead of going from writing to web writing as unconsciously as the human race transitioned from hunter-gathering to farming, it is time to take this step forward deliberately and intentionally.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented PageRank back in 1996, they had one simple idea in mind: Organize the web based on “link popularity.” In…
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