Google’s plan to best Amazon rests on one particular piece of software

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  • Two years later the tool, which is used in building machine-­learning software, underpins many future ambitions of Google and its parent company, Alphabet.
  • But just months after TensorFlow was released to Google’s army of coders, the company also began offering it to the world for free, as an open source tactic.
  • S. Somasegar, a managing director at venture fund Madrona who was previously head of Microsoft’s developer division, says TensorFlow’s prominence poses a genuine challenge to Google’s cloud rivals.
  • The company has created specialized processors to make TensorFlow faster and reduce the power it consumes inside Google’s data centers.
  • Since Google released TensorFlow, its competitors in cloud computing, Microsoft and Amazon, have released, or started supporting, their own free software tools to help coders build machine-learning systems.

Google has pinned its cloud computing hopes on a bit of software that helps programmers build artificial intelligence apps called TensorFlow.
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