Movidius launches a $79 deep-learning USB stick

Bringing AI to hardware is as easy as plugging in Movidius's new $79 USB device

  • and Intel have put deep-learning on a stick with a tiny $79 USB device that makes bringing AI to hardware a snap.
  • In April of last year, Movidius showed off the first iteration of this device, which they then called the Fathom Neural Compute Stick.
  • The Movidius Neural Computer Stick tosses one of these VPUs into a USB 3.0 stick giving product developers and researchers the ability to enable prototyping, validation and deployment of inference applications offline, bringing about a number of latency and power consumption improvements.
  • It supports

    When connected to constrained host computing devices like Raspberry Pi, the compute stick offers pull-and-play intelligence.

  • Getting acquired has offered Movidius some more flexibility to add features like the ability to plug in several of these sticks to add more deep-learning power. Movidius and Intel have put deep-learning on a stick with a tiny $79 USB device that makes bringing AI to hardware a snap. In..
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Enterprise Software Tools for AI

  • The complete report, available here, covers how businesses are using machine learning and deep learning, differentiating between AI, machine learning and deep learning, what it takes to get started, software tools for AI and more.
  • There are three exemplary members of the AI software stack available as deep learning frameworks: Caffe, MXNet and TensorFlow.
  • • MXNet, jointly developed by collaborators from multiple universities and companies, is a lightweight, portable and flexible deep learning framework designed for both efficiency and flexibility.
  • Enterprise software tools for AI also includes NVIDIA DIGITS , which puts the power of deep learning into the hands of engineers and data scientists.
  • DIGITS simplifies common deep learning tasks such as managing data, designing and training neural networks on multi-GPU systems, monitoring performance in real time with advanced visualizations, and selecting the best performing model.

There are three exemplary members of the AI software stack available as deep learning frameworks. This post explores software options for AI.
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Probabilistic Machine Learning with PyMC3

Probabilistic Machine Learning with #PyMC3  #ODSC #ML #MachineLearning #DataScience

  • After the overview, Dr. Wiecki’s focused on Probabilistic Programming with PyMC3.
  • Introduction: Dr. Thomas Wiecki of Quantopian spoke at the recent ODSC UK conference compared traditional Machine Learning with Probabilistic Programming.
  • It was a perfect way to cap off a riveting display of the power of Probabilistic Programming.
  • PyMC3 is a popular Python library which leverages this power.
  • Learning R programming by reading books: A book list #rstats Posted 24 November 2016 | 10:41 am

Abstract: Probabilistic Programming is a powerful set of tools which is barely sampled from by the traditional Machine Learning toolbox. PyMC3 is a popular
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From big data to human-level artificial intelligence

From #BigData to human-level artificial intelligence #AI |

  • Doug Cutting, Tom White, and Ben Lorica explore Hadoop’s role over the coming decade.
  • Watch the full version of this keynote on Safari .
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  • How sensors, fast networks, AI, and distributed computing are affecting the data landscape
  • This is a keynote highlight from Strata + Hadoop World in New York 2016.

What explains the gap between what machines do well and what people do well? And what needs to happen before machines can match the flexibility and power of human cognition?
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Automotive Technology Solutions Overview

  • Now we can successfully train a CNN to operate on NVIDIA DRIVE PX and understand the contextual rules-of-engagement between a vehicle and the road.
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  • Giving Cars the Power to See, Think, and Learn
  • Driverless cars in the first global autonomous motorsports competition, Roborace Championship, will be powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI supercomputers.

Paving the way for autonomous cars, NVIDIA DRIVE car computers helps cars see, think, and learn.
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