An Interview With David Kenny – The Innovator news

  • — D.K.:We are at the point in AI that we were with the Internet in 1993 and mobile around 2003.
  • So I would say, view AI as something in the fabric of your company like electricity — like data flowing through your company in fundamental ways.Is it a threat or an opportunity?
  • — D.K.: The digital and mobile disruptions largely favor distribution, so most of the real value is held by a handful of companies who have consolidated distribution.
  • To take advantage of AI we really encourage companies to maintain control of their data — their intellectual property — because the value is in using it to train the AI.Don’t feed it to (an outside) platform that will serve as a distribution chokehold.
  • Companies need to establish their data and knowledge strategy first — extending their own knowledge and not just turning it over to someone else.

David Kenny, IBM Watson’s Chief and a scheduled keynote speaker at Viva Technology recently spoke to The Innovator about what executives should do to prepare for AI. — D.K.: When you can predict…
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​#CXOTALK Reinventing the legal industry with AI, machine learning, and augmented reality

My latest:: Reinventing the legal industry w #AI, machine learning, and augmented reality

  • In the short clip embedded above, Shea explains why the firm invests in knowledge management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality.
  • 80 percent of the law firms surveyed see digital strategy as critical
  • Law firms must respond to the changing demands of consumers just as companies do in other industries.
  • The legal industry has a reputation for being slow to change and behind the curve on adopting new technologies.
  • The firms that adopt and change and innovate will be the haves and the have-nots in the industry.

The CIO for a $2 Billion law firm explains how his organization responds to changing customer expectations with the most modern technology available.
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