Artificial Intelligence

Forms of creativity will be unleashed that we can not even imagine.

  • In the latest installment of Singularity University’s web series, Future of Everything With Jason Silva, Silva takes a look at artificial intelligence.
  • Surely to transform the world and the human race in ways that we can barely wrap our heads around,” Silva says.
  • Forms of creativity will be unleashed that we can not even imagine, and we’re going to transcend what it means to be human.

In this episode of “Future of Everything With Jason Silva,” Silva takes a look at the transformational potential of artificial intelligence.
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Being human in the age of artificial intelligence

  • Calling itself The Future of Life Institute, its founders included Jaan Tallinn – who helped create Skype – and a physicist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • That physicist was Professor Max Tegmark.
  • With a mission to help safeguard life and develop optimistic visions of the future, the Institute has focused largely on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Of particular concern is the potential for AI to leapfrog humans and achieve so-called “superintelligence” – something discussed in depth in Tegmark’s latest book Life 3.0.
  • This week Ian Sample asks the physicist and author what would happen if we did manage to create superintelligent AI?

Ian Sample speaks with Prof Max Tegmark about the advance of AI, the future of life on Earth, and what happens if and when a ‘superintelligence’ arrives
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An Interview With David Kenny – The Innovator news

  • — D.K.:We are at the point in AI that we were with the Internet in 1993 and mobile around 2003.
  • So I would say, view AI as something in the fabric of your company like electricity — like data flowing through your company in fundamental ways.Is it a threat or an opportunity?
  • — D.K.: The digital and mobile disruptions largely favor distribution, so most of the real value is held by a handful of companies who have consolidated distribution.
  • To take advantage of AI we really encourage companies to maintain control of their data — their intellectual property — because the value is in using it to train the AI.Don’t feed it to (an outside) platform that will serve as a distribution chokehold.
  • Companies need to establish their data and knowledge strategy first — extending their own knowledge and not just turning it over to someone else.

David Kenny, IBM Watson’s Chief and a scheduled keynote speaker at Viva Technology recently spoke to The Innovator about what executives should do to prepare for AI. — D.K.: When you can predict…
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AI & Automation Are Key to Digital Transformations

#AI & #Automation Are Key to #Digital Transformations
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  • While nearly all IT and business decision-makers believe automation plays a critical role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, most admit that they haven’t made enough progress in this area, according to a recent survey from Infosys.
  • Survey respondents said lifelong learning at their organization is essential, especially as their company struggles to keep employees with highly sought skill sets.
  • “An overwhelming majority of organizations are already undergoing full-cycle digital transformation with the automation of tasks at the center of their collective initiatives,” according to the report.
  • “This means that, in the future, an organization’s competitiveness will be measured in terms of how well its employees are able to do those tasks that automation cannot do—the tasks that involve human curiosity, creativity, and hunger to learn and grow.
  • This also means those enterprises that are highly invested in lifelong learning for their employees—to nurture all that is uniquely human in them—will be the ones that have a workforce better suited to capitalize on the future of business.”

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are essential for digital transformations, freeing up employees from mundane tasks so they can pursue creative ones.
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Why Google and Facebook are the best AI-first organizations // FABERNOVEL

Interesting look at how Google and Facebook are building AI-first organizations  #AI

  • We studied carefully the 2 most advanced organizations that embody this principle, Google and Facebook, to understand how they are structured.
  • Whatever the company you belong to, there are a few lessons to be drawn from these 2 exemplars to design your own AI-first organization: AI-first organizations are complex!
  • AI-first organizations are embodied through various means: not only teams, but also internal software platforms, open-source side projects, and the final services delivered.
  • In AI-first organizations, the most technical experts are not only tasked with creating breakthrough research projects or new technologies; they must also lead internal training efforts.
  • AI-first organizations are inherently agile: in the aggregate, their goal is to maximize both the number of experiments leveraging AI, as well as the speed of deployment and capacity of scaling the successful ones.

At the last Google I/O conference, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the ongoing shift from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. What does it mean in
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Jack Ma: Artificial Intelligence Will Bring a Four-Day Week

Jack Ma says a 4-day work week is coming soon

  • “I think in the next 30 years, people will only work four hours a day and maybe four days a week,” Ma said Tuesday during a CNBC interview at the Gateway ’17 Conference.
  • We work eight hours, five days a week and think we are very busy.”
  • The Chinese billionaire also addressed the rise of artificial intelligence, advocating that machines shouldn’t be made to replicate human behavior.
  • “I don’t think we should make machines like humans,” Ma said.
  • “The third technology revolution may cause the Third World War,” Ma told CNBC.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks artificial intelligence will revolutionize the work week, and make it shorter for humans
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Innovation endorsed by Orange: welcome to tomorrow’s world

#Djingo #Chatbot #Watson… #AI is already everywhere in our lives #Vivatech

  • Sharing our vision of the future, including advances in research and innovation.
  • Our goal is to make our innovations accessible to as many people as possible.
  • When technology starts with people and serves people, it makes progress.
  • We also want to promote innovative and responsible uses of digital technologies – prudent innovation – that improve everyday life for everyone.
  • Innovation and periods of rapid change have always raised questions.

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