Google’s AutoDraw uses machine learning to help you draw like a pro

Google's AutoDraw lets you draw like a pro  by @fredericl

  • But with AutoDraw, Google is launching a new experiment today that uses machine learning algorithms to match your doodles with professional drawings to make you look like you know what you’re doing.
  • Artists who want to donate their drawings to the project can do that here, by the way.
  • This project actually uses the same technology as Google’s QuickDraw experiment.
  • QuickDraw is more of a game, though, where you’re trying to draw a given object and hope that the AI algorithms recognize it within 20 seconds.
  • With AutoDraw, you get more freedom to experiment, and, while you could read all about it here, it’s probably best you head over to and give it a

Drawing isn’t for everyone. I, for one, am definitely not very good at it. But with AutoDraw, Google is launching a new experiment today that uses machine..
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Fast Drawing for Everyone

🎉 Cool @Google creative lab project!

🎨 Fast Drawing for Everyone

  • If you’re interested in learning more about the magic behind AutoDraw, check out “Quick, Draw!”
  • (one of our A.I. Experiments).
  • AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses the same technology to guess what you’re trying to draw.Big thanks to the artists, designers, illustrators and friends of Google who created original drawings for AutoDraw.HAWRAF, Design StudioErin Butner, DesignerJulia Melograna, IllustratorPei Liew, DesignerSimone Noronha, DesignerTori Hinn, DesignerSelman Design, Creative StudioIf you are interested in submitting your own drawings, you can do that here.
  • We hope that AutoDraw, our latest A.I. Experiment, will make drawing more accessible and fun for everyone.

AutoDraw is a new A.I. Experiment, built by Google Creative Lab, which uses machine learning and artists’ drawings, to help everyone create anything visual, fast.
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Web Writing

How #ArtificialIntelligence is Changing Web Writing  #ai

  • In short, in the universe of pages existing in a (at the time almost) shapeless web, Page and Brin wanted to organize that information to make it become knowledge.
  • Out of the more than 200 factors that Google accounts for when deciding whether the content on the web is relevant, RankBrain became the third most relevant.
  • First, the semantic web is a set of rules and standards that make human language readable to machines.
  • In semantic web jargon an entity is a subject which has unambiguous meaning because it has a strong contextual foundation.
  • In other words, instead of going from writing to web writing as unconsciously as the human race transitioned from hunter-gathering to farming, it is time to take this step forward deliberately and intentionally.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented PageRank back in 1996, they had one simple idea in mind: Organize the web based on “link popularity.” In…
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Google set to bring AI to Raspberry Pi computers

  • Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, told the BBC: “It’s fantastic to see Google getting closer to the maker community.”
  • Google has set up its very own survey and is asking makers what smart tools would be the “most helpful”.
  • Google set to bring AI to Raspberry Pi computers
  • Google is on its way to bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to computer Raspberry Pi.
  • “I’m particularly excited about the prospect of connecting Raspberry Pi to some of the machine learning work coming out of Google DeepMind in London, allowing us to build smart devices that interact in the real world.”

Take a look at this interesting tech…
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This robot ‘ageing companion’ is like an Alexa for the elderly

This AI robot companion wants to keep old people company

  • Béhar says that while the robot can’t replace human interaction, it can offer a companion to elderly people living alone.
  • Tech startup Intuition Robotics unveiled an artificial intelligence-based robot companion that aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people on Wednesday.
  • AI Robot Companion Wants to Keep Old People Company
  • ElliQ is an “active aging companion” aimed at making elderly people feel less lonely.
  • “The idea of having a robot companion is quite dystopian, especially for older generations,” said Yves Béhar, CEO of Fuseproject-a design studio that collaborated with Intuition Robotics on the ElliQ.

The ElliQ is a voice-activated, AI-based companion for the elderly.
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Google Open Sources Data Visualization Tool for Machine Learning

Google Open Source #DataViz Tool for #MachineLearning
  @gp_pulipaka #BigData #DataScience #AI

  • Embedding Projector gives developers three different ways of enabling 3D and 2D views of a data set.
  • The tools allows developers to explore data for the most influential data elements and make sure than an embedding preserves the original meaning of the data, according to Google.
  • The tool allows developers to navigate through 3D and 2D views of their data to see how well their machine learning algorithms are doing at interpreting it.
  • Google has open sourced its Embedding Projector, a web application that gives developers a way to visualize data that’s being used to train their machine learning systems.
  • Google’s Embedding Projector web applications will give developers a way to visualize how well their machine learning systems are interpreting data.

Google’s Embedding Projector tool will give developers a way to visualize how effectively their machine leaning systems are using data.
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Official code repository for #MachineLearning with #TensorFlow book

  • Concept 2 : Applying an autoencoder to images
  • Concept 1 : Using CIFAR-10 dataset
  • Concept 3 : Applying RNN to real-world data for timeseries prediction
  • Get started with machine learning using TensorFlow, Google’s latest and greatest machine learning library.
  • Latest commit 905bd82 Dec 16, 2016 BinRoot committed on GitHub Created LICENCE

TensorFlow-Book – Accompanying source code for Machine Learning with TensorFlow. Refer to the book for step-by-step explanations.
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