SLAM! The Sound of Autonomous Vehicles Colliding

SLAM! The Sound of Autonomous Vehicles Colliding #AI #IoT #abdsc

  • The solution may be in a shared segment of on-board telematics, part of the SLAM group (simultaneous localization and mapping) and sharing some of that data car-to-car.
  • According to many in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry we’re supposed to see self-driving cars on the road as early as 2018.
  • At the March Strata+Hadoop conference in San Jose Ms. Jay White Bear, a lead IBM AV data scientist gave us a master class in SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and just why the telematics are important.
  • Right now there are essentially no vehicles (except test AVs and a handful of Teslas) sending these types of comprehensive telematics back to the mothership and essentially no vehicles communicating cooperatively with each other.
  • When AVs finally hit the road there will finally be some robust telematics sent home but these will definitely not, as of now, be shared with other OEMs.

Summary:  Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are supposed to be just around the corner but the anecdotal evidence is that their claims to safety are way out ahead of re…
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