Learning through human feedback

Learning through human feedback  #DeepLearning #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

  • That is why DeepMind co-founded initiatives like the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society and why we have a team dedicated to technical AI Safety.
  • Research in this field needs to be open and collaborative to ensure that best practices are adopted as widely as possible, which is why we are also collaborating with OpenAI on research in technical AI Safety.
  • One of the central questions in this field is how we allow humans to tell a system what we want it to do and – importantly – what we don’t want it to do.
  • This is increasingly important as the problems we tackle with machine learning grow more complex and are applied in the real world.
  • The first results from our collaboration demonstrate one method to address this, by allowing humans with no technical experience to teach a reinforcement learning (RL) system – an AI that learns by trial and error – a complex goal.

A central question in technical AI safety is how to tell an algorithm what we want it to do. Working with OpenAI, we demonstrate a novel system that allows a human with no technical experience to teach an AI how to perform a complex task, such as manipulating a simulated robotic arm.
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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial intelligence algorithms help make the best medical decisions. Read more!

  • Artificial intelligence will determine the future of medicine – no question about it – and there are already some medical professionals who use the technology in their practice.
  • Are 10 more technologies that hold the promise for an optimistic future of medicine.
  • I’m truly excited for the future of medicine – sometimes it feels like we’re living in a science -fiction novel.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Clinical Trials Empowered Patients Future of Medicine Genomics Health Sensors & Trackers
  • I asked practitioners what using IBM Watson in medicine is like.

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@Berci: “Artificial intelligence algorithms help make the best medical decisions. Read more!”

Artificial intelligence algorithms are not only making our cars safer and shopping easier, but increasingly diagnose patients and help make the best decisions when caring for them.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine