I blame the parents – AI needs to be raised right

I blame the parents – #AI needs to be raised right

  • Nexus CX, a pioneer in AI, is getting properly up close and personal.
  • In SU’s pilot stages, men who thought they were talking to a bot responded more openly than those who were told they were speaking with a human at the other end.
  • Nexus CX are working with Amazon’s Alexa, recording Trainor’s friend, documenting his memories and thoughts, helping to test a virtual counterpart and robot avatar that will speak based on collected patterns of speech.
  • It’ll console people in a way that humans can’t.
  • And when you think of the great technological advancements of the past decade, one creation stands head and shoulders above the rest: the iPhone.

Apparently, artificial intelligence is going to take over our lives, our jobs, our minds even and not necessarily in a good way. It’s inevitable.
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