From algorithms to advertising: 7 steps to introducing AI to marketing

7 Steps to Introducing AI to Marketing  @DerinCag #AI #DigitalMarketing #cmo

  • The coming wave of AI in marketing will be defined by the automation of complex, multi-step processes — not just one-off aspects of a larger campaign.
  • Creating artificial intelligence for “self-driving” marketing technology is not so different from creating AI for a self-driving car.
  • Often, things that seem trivial — like determining which image and headline combo work best for Facebook, how much budget to spend where, or picking keywords for a search campaign — are critical parts of a larger process.
  • A machine, on the other hand, needs to be told (or programmed) with this knowledge in order to be able to judge images and text, determine where they should appear along the journey, and not have to rely on humans to make these decisions for it.
  • These built-in rules ensure that the AI doesn’t make decisions that are so out of sync with what a human would do in a given situation that the technology is at cross-purposes with the people or organization it’s serving.

Contributor Tomer Naveh provides a simplified look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to automate digital marketing programs from start to finish.
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