The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Growing Business

  • While the merits of providing everyone with a minimum income have been debated for many years, the practicality of the government providing it to the people has been non-existent at least until recently.
  • This is because the many services that government provides already, including welfare, healthcare, and the like are taking up so much in terms of money that simply providing every person with a minimum income seems like a simpler solution.
  • What was once limited to science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a part of the internet in helping businesses grow.
  • For those in the low-income bracket, the future looks bright thanks to the many avenues available to help people make money through Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and other companies dedicated to providing economic access to the power.
  • Big online companies such as Google and Microsoft for example can use their considerable pull to provide the following;

    While the idea of a secure, minimum income has been around for several decades, it may come true thanks to the internet and the ability of large online companies to provide opportunities for millions of people who otherwise would be limited in how they could earn a living.

How Can We Guarantee a Secure Minimum Income for Everyone? How can it be achieved without damaging the fabric of society?Explore the answers in my article.
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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Paid Advertising

  • Perhaps no advancement over the past decade has had more of an impact on paid advertising, especially with Google AdWords and Facebook PPC than Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • In other words, it is the gathering of information on the personal habits of the potential customer so that paid advertising can be better directed at the right audience.
  • Over the past few years, AI has had a major impact on the collection, interpretation, and distribution of the information provided to marketers so they can purchase advertising in the right places.
  • How Google AdWords and Facebook PPC Have Been Affected by AI

    The primary impact of AI on paid advertising has been information about the potential customer.

  • Over the past few years, the effect of the paid advertising has grown considerably because the AI has been able to better target potential leads and customers to a far greater degree than before.

How Google AdWords and Facebook PPC Have Been Affected by Artificial Intelligence? Explore Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Paid Advertising.
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An Introduction to Algorithms

An Introduction to Algorithms
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  • An algorithm is a predetermined set of steps for a computer to accomplish a task.
  • A famous example of an algorithm is Google’s PageRank, which determines the order in which websites appear in Google’s search rankings.
  • The power of this algorithm is partially responsible for Google’s ability to control 41% of the online ad market, which is where Alphabet still generates the majority of its revenue.
  • The more we rely on social networks to supply us with news, the more algorithms will influence what information we’re exposed to.
  • Programmers have instead used a learning algorithm – fueled by terabytes of data – to train it to perform complex tasks. is an advanced financial information center and next-generation communication platform that connects self-directed investors with startup and small cap companies, market experts, and professional service providers and vendors.
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The Internet of Things cannot be defined

#IoT cannot be defined... or can it? 📶 #AI #smartcities #IoTcouncil

  • As Internet of Things becomes a household term, it is logical and natural that people want to know what it is.
  • The Internet of Things can be the best possible feedback on my physical and mental health, the best possible deals based on real time monitoring for resource allocation, the best possible decision making based on real time data and information from open sources and the best possible alignments of my local providers with the global potential of wider communities.
  • Internet of Things is in its essence the seamless flow between the

    ¥ VWAN (very wide area network): the ‘wise’ city as e-gov services everywhere no longer tied to physical locations

    Whoever ensures traceability, sustainability and security linking up the gateways is de facto and de jure the new power.

  • In short; Internet of Things will define your future everyday.
  • Council hosts the Policy and Regulation Track at The 4th IEEE World Forum on The Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2018).

As Internet of Things becomes a household term, it is logical and natural that people want to know what it is. Definitions spring up.
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Free Deep Learning Textbook

Free #DeepLearning Textbook:  #abdsc #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #AI

  • The online version of the book is now complete and will remain available online for free.
  • For more information about this 700+ pages free book and its authors, click here.
  • The picture below represents a selection of (non-free) deep learning books: you can check them here.
  • For other free data science books, click here.
  • To access the free deep learning textbook, scroll down to the contents section, below the picture.

The Deep Learning textbook is a resource intended to help students and practitioners enter the field of machine learning in general and deep learning in partic…
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Xix.#ai wants to save you wasted time on your Android phone

  • A more seamless and automated experience is what almost every Silicon Valley company has attempted to produce over the last number of years, but a new company self-proclaimed as thinks they can eliminate wasted time on your mobile device better than anyone else using a technology they like to call a ‘Recurrent Neural Network’.
  • The company says it wants to use embedded deep links to automate your processes that would normally take a number of actions, and can make almost everything you do on your device that much more seamless and integrated.
  • It started with dedicated apps that took information about your usage process while providing a service in return, and eventually created an Android launcher to help express the benefits of the technology.
  • One of the early apps logged what you were doing and in return restricted access to certain apps at various selected times, which was useful for those looking to stay productive while helping the AI to learn what people do and in what order, which eventually transformed into an Android launcher that had the neural network built in, and would ask users how they were feeling in order to show suggested apps.
  • It isn’t sure exactly where the final home of the technology will reside, whether it be in an Android launcher or a whole separate fork of Android all together, but they are quite confident that they will find an investor interested in their technology. is a self-proclaimed ‘Recurrent Neural Network’ platform which aims to help people save wasted time on their phones by automating various processes.
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