I blame the parents – AI needs to be raised right

I blame the parents – #AI needs to be raised right

  • Nexus CX, a pioneer in AI, is getting properly up close and personal.
  • In SU’s pilot stages, men who thought they were talking to a bot responded more openly than those who were told they were speaking with a human at the other end.
  • Nexus CX are working with Amazon’s Alexa, recording Trainor’s friend, documenting his memories and thoughts, helping to test a virtual counterpart and robot avatar that will speak based on collected patterns of speech.
  • It’ll console people in a way that humans can’t.
  • And when you think of the great technological advancements of the past decade, one creation stands head and shoulders above the rest: the iPhone.

Apparently, artificial intelligence is going to take over our lives, our jobs, our minds even and not necessarily in a good way. It’s inevitable.
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Innovation endorsed by Orange: welcome to tomorrow’s world

#Djingo #Chatbot #Watson… #AI is already everywhere in our lives #Vivatech

  • Sharing our vision of the future, including advances in research and innovation.
  • Our goal is to make our innovations accessible to as many people as possible.
  • When technology starts with people and serves people, it makes progress.
  • We also want to promote innovative and responsible uses of digital technologies – prudent innovation – that improve everyday life for everyone.
  • Innovation and periods of rapid change have always raised questions.

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CIO Outlook: Rethinking #SaaS and #DevOps

CIO Outlook: Rethinking #SaaS and #DevOps | @CloudExpo #AI #Microservices | IBM Cloud

  • Ce dernier devrait progresser annuellement d

    I’m a huge fan of growth hacking.

  • I’ve built several companies on the principles of growth hacking.
  • Heck, I might just build several more and put growth hacking to work again.
  • Processeur : Des chercheurs de l’Université de Princeton annoncent avoir créé une puce composée de 25 coeurs facilement intégrable pour construire un ordinateu

    | DIM (Document Information Manager) – CDO (Chief Digital Officer) – Gouvernance numérique

    Transformation numérique : D’après une étude menée par Vanson Bourne, 89% des responsables IT estiment que le numérique est essentiel pour les services informatiques afin d..

  • L’index ISG sur l’externalisation révèle qu’en zone EMEA le marché accuse une baisse de 18 % pour ce deuxième trimestre 2016 (par rapport à 2015)

    Bureautique et Collaboratif : Selon certaines informations, Microsoft préparerait un nouveau produit dénommé Skype Teams, qui pourrait rivaliser avec des apps de messagerie e

    SYS-CON’s WebSphere Developer’s Journal

    Are you investing heavily in inbound content, but don’t have a system to get that content in front of your target audience to read, enjoy and share?

SYS-CON’s WebSphere Developer’s Journal | Le monde du Saas et des Acteurs
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A boost for artificial-intelligence research in Montreal

A boost for artificial-intelligence research in #Montreal 

  • To help spur artificial-intelligence research in Montreal, Microsoft will provide a gift of $1 million to McGill University.
  • As part of its investment, Microsoft will provide gifts for AI research to the Université de Montréal and to McGill.
  • Gift from Microsoft follows company’s planned acquisition of Maluuba
  • Microsoft’s gift to McGill “will allow us to recruit and support the best graduate students in this field,” said McGill computer-science professor Joelle Pineau.
  • “Thank you to Microsoft for this investment in Montreal’s AI strengths,” said McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier. “

To help spur artificial-intelligence research in Montreal, Microsoft will provide a gift of $1 million to McGill University.
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The Future of General Insurance Report 2016

Great report from @MarketforceBM on the future of insurance. #InsurTech #AI #blockchain

  • The opportunities are just some of the reasons why the Chartered Insurance Institute is delighted to support this research into the challenges facing the insurance community as it looks to ensure it remains relevant to the changing needs of a changing society.
  • The brave new world is right now, and throwing up opportunities for insurance to demonstrate its value to customers – in both personal and commercial lines – embracing on-demand, lifestyle solutions and new emerging risks.
  • And an opportunity to be more transparent with customers to explain how insurance works – both key to improving customer trust in the insurance profession.
  • Insurance companies need to show increased readiness to partner with challengers in order to accelerate their own digital transformation.
  • Our survey finds an industry with a growing appetite for innovation and a window of opportunity in which to leverage data flows from the Internet of Things combined with the power of artificial intelligence and the security of blockchain to deliver its own game-changing disruption.

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Machine learning infographic

The amount of data stored in petabytes #bigdata #machinelearning

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