An Interview With David Kenny – The Innovator news

  • — D.K.:We are at the point in AI that we were with the Internet in 1993 and mobile around 2003.
  • So I would say, view AI as something in the fabric of your company like electricity — like data flowing through your company in fundamental ways.Is it a threat or an opportunity?
  • — D.K.: The digital and mobile disruptions largely favor distribution, so most of the real value is held by a handful of companies who have consolidated distribution.
  • To take advantage of AI we really encourage companies to maintain control of their data — their intellectual property — because the value is in using it to train the AI.Don’t feed it to (an outside) platform that will serve as a distribution chokehold.
  • Companies need to establish their data and knowledge strategy first — extending their own knowledge and not just turning it over to someone else.

David Kenny, IBM Watson’s Chief and a scheduled keynote speaker at Viva Technology recently spoke to The Innovator about what executives should do to prepare for AI. — D.K.: When you can predict…
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Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era

IBM establishes guiding principles for the #CognitiveEra. Read them here:  #AI

  • The IBM company will work to help students, workers and citizens acquire the skills and knowledge to engage safely, securely and effectively in a relationship with cognitive systems, and to perform the new kinds of work and jobs that will emerge in a cognitive economy.”
  • Having Ginni post those principles will help the overall understanding about the New Era.
  • I wholeheartedly agree that this new technology will require much learning ahead, and IBM is wise to recognize that this is needed for the future and present generations in order for them to embrace it without fear.
  • Many new technologies have triggered a fear of the unknown, and a large body of science fiction has exacerbated some views.
  • New technologies generates some initial concerns.

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Why a Flextronics Subsidiary Just Bought a Machine Learning Startup

Why a Flextronics Subsidiary Just Bought a #MachineLearning Startup

  • The company’s trackers are designed to lower a solar project owner’s costs and boost its energy output.
  • NEXTracker has been growing rapidly since its acquisition by Flextronics, and now the company has over four gigawatts worth of its trackers operating around the world.
  • The trackers are generally used on large solar panel farms in remote locations that sell their power to utilities or large companies.
  • Electronics giant Flextronics, through its solar gear subsidiary NEXTracker, has acquired a young startup called BrightBox Technologies, which builds predictive modeling and machine learning software, the companies announced late on Monday.
  • NEXTracker will use the company’s software-and the co-founders’ brainpower-to optimize the development and operation of its solar tracking systems around the world.

It’s all about solar energy.
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