Artificial Intelligence upbeats the HR Recruitment Process

  • Artificial Intelligence for the recruiting is a new addition and also problem-solving and learning is displayed using this tool in the recruitment process.
  • Recruitment is integrated with Artificial Intelligence tool, the process becomes consistent, smooth and structured and saves lot of time and can cover large number of candidates.With the help of Automation, we can streamline the selection process with various intervention like screening questionnaires for candidates, managing the hiring process and competency-based feedback forms that can be discussed during each interview.
  • In the recruitment process, the role of Artificial Intelligence is not limited but to find right candidate with a right set of skills and meeting the expectation of an organisation.These tools and techniques have increased the efforts in the recruitment process by researching the data and enables insight.
  • Artificial Intelligence tools have built -in capabilities to reduce the cost and time spent for the recruitment team and easily get the specific skilled potential candidates for an organisation.
  • Talent mapping is definitely succeeding pace in the recruitment process, where recruiters can easily find out the potential candidates in advance and can draft a strategic plan for hiring them in advance.

Artificial Intelligence for recruiting is designed to automate the recruitment flow by reducing repetitive and high volume tasks.
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How Robots Will Quickly Replace You at Your Job

Here's what artificial intelligence experts think robots will do in the next 200 years

  • The study polled AI experts on when they thought robots and programs would be able to perform to a handful of jobs and tasks better than humans.
  • For instance, robots will likely be able to fold laundry better than humans between the next two and fourteen years, with the median response being six years.
  • So, sometime in the next fourteen years (though likely well before that), you’ll probably start seeing robots at your nearest laundromat.
  • According to the same polled audience, robots will take over all human jobs sometime in the next 200+ years, with the median response being around 120+ years from now.
  • You should definitely take a look at all the ways your job could automated in the next decade-plus.

Years from now, robots will replace every human in every job function. Here’s how long that will take to accomplish.
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