New AI Can Write and Rewrite Its Own Code to Increase Its Intelligence

This new #AI can rewrite its own code to get even smarter  via @futurism

  • This form of probabilistic programming — a code that uses probabilities instead of specific variables — requires fewer examples to make a determination, such as, for example, that the sky is blue with patches of white clouds.
  • Gamalon CEO and cofounder Ben Vigoda showed MIT Technology Review a demo drawing app that uses their new method.
  • However, unlike Google’s version, which relied on sketches it had previously seen to make predictions, Gamalon’s app relies on probabilistic programming to identify an object’s key features.
  • One product, the Gamalon Structure, using Bayesian program synthesis to recognize concepts from raw text, and it does so more efficiently than what’s normally possible.
  • For example, if equipped with a Beysian model of machine learning, smartphones or laptops wouldn’t need to share personal data with large companies to determine user interests; the calculations could be done effectively within the device.

Teaching machines could be much easier using this tech.
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This Smart Radio Highlights The Key UX Challenge For Artificial Intelligence

This smart radio highlights the key UX challenge for artificial intelligence

  • The Emotional Radio shows the very first ways that AI might make its way into familiar objects whose capabilities can be rethought.
  • The Emotional Radio is a good example of the mime problem, wherein something “smart” simply mirrors us instead of becoming a true partner worth talking or interacting with.
  • By matching up the two data sets, the radio finds something to play.
  • The moods are then cross-referenced with Spotify’s data set about the emotional valence of all the music in its catalog.
  • When you come home, you hang up your clothes, look at your radio again.

Do you want music for your mood, or something that counters it? AI needs to figure that out.
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