AI isn’t just learning to play video games, it’s helping us build them

AI isn't just learning to play video games, it's helping us build them

  • The creators of Unity, the most popular game engine in the world, recently launched a set of machine-learning tools that lay the groundwork for actual AI (not scripted computer opponents) in video games.
  • Typically these kits include rendering aids and simple tools for training neural networks, but the beta release sent to developers promises to revolutionize video games, and provides machine-learning researchers with a perfect environment for training robot brains.
  • Unity provides developers with the tools to create machine-learning agents capable of learning and interacting with each other in a virtual world, which makes it possible to create games inhabited by AI that actually learns, instead of forcing developers into painstakingly scripting behavior by hand.
  • Video game developers have been using the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) since the 1950s to describe a computer opponent designed to challenge humans.
  • This use of the term has no relation to machine-learning; the AI in a video game doesn’t learn anything, it simply executes algorithms.

Unity developers recently got an AI upgrade in the form of machine-learning tools that provide game and AI programmers with next generation capabilities.
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