Intelligent Enterprise powered by Machine Learning Services

#SAP launches partner program for Application Intelligence,

  • The Application Intelligence Partner Program will provide the framework for partners to build and integrate using our Machine Learning platform.
  • Our Machine Learning platform will be available for customers, partners and developers at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017.
  • To deliver upon the goal we have established a partner program specifically for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – the Application Intelligence Partner Program.
  • It addresses partners who provide complementary vertical industry solutions and technology components and those partners who leverage SAP platform technologies to build intelligent applications.

SAP aspires to make all its enterprise solutions intelligent and help customers to leverage their data. Machine Learning enables computers to learn from large amounts of data without being explicitly programmed. SAP systems touch more than 70 percent of the world’s business transactions. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into enterprise software opens the opportunity to simplify employees’ everyday lives and allows them to focus on higher value tasks.
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Hands-on #machinelearning labs on @github? Oh, yeah, we got that!

  • Evaluate a Binary classification model
  • Consume the ML Web Service in a C# application
  • Comparing two binary classification model
  • Publishing a trained model as Web Service
  • Lab4 – Develop and Consume AzureML Models

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@MicrosoftR: “Hands-on #machinelearning labs on @github? Oh, yeah, we got that!”

hol-azure-machine-learning – Introduction to Machine Learning and Azure Machine Learning Services. Hands on labs to show Azure Machine Learning features, developing experiments, feature engineering, R and Python Scripting, Production stage, publishing models as web service, RRS and BES usage